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  • Feeling the Breeze
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  • Meet Puggy the Dog with the Longest Tongue
    By on September 20th, 2010 | 3 Comments3 Comments Comments

    puggy with his long tongueMeet Puggy, a 10-year-old Pekingese from Texas, who also happens to have the longest tongue on a dog. Puggy’s tongue is 11.43 cms, which is nearly as long as his body. Puggy’s owner Becky Stanford, who adopted the pup after he had been abandoned, said: “People who meet Puggy for the first time do a lot of double takes; they are in total disbelief and are amused by his unique appearance.”

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  • Funny Dog – Smile for the Camera
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    Funny Dog

    Smile for the Camera

  • Chocolate is Harmful to Dogs
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    Myth or Fact – Is Chocolate Harmful to Dogs?
    Fact -Yes, Chocolate is poisonous to dogs. Chocolate in sufficient doses is lethally toxic to dogs (and horses and possibly cats). Chocolate contains a chemical stimulant, known as theobromine, that dogs are unable to metabolize effectively. If they eat chocolate, the theobromine can remain in their bloodstream’s for up to 20 hours, and these animals may experience fast heart rate, hallucinations, severe diarrhea, epileptic seizures, heart attacks, internal bleeding, and eventually death. It only takes a small amount of chocolate to cause damage. In case of accidental intake of chocolate contact a veterinarian.

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  • Splish Splash I Was Taking A Bath
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    Splish Splash I Was Taking A Bath!

  • Lowest Price Furminator
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    furminatorWe all love our pets, but the mess caused by their shedding can be frustrating to say the least! Having guests over when the house is covered in pet hair is embarrassing, vacuuming seems to be a never-ending chore, and clothes need to be constantly checked and wiped down. Not any more! FURminator is a de-shedding tool with a difference. Its stainless steel blade works by grabbing and removing the loose undercoat hair without affecting the top-coat in any way, meaning your pet sheds far less. Simply use the FURminator once or twice a week, for around 10-20mins a time, to reduce your pet’s shedding by up to 90%, leaving you with the simple task of cleaning up the hair you’ve removed rather than trying to pick it off your sofa! Available in 3 sizes, the FURminator deshedding tool is the ultimate shedding solution, used and recommended by professional groomers and veterinarians, Furminator deShedding Tools are the only tools guaranteed to reduce shedding better than any brush, rake or comb. The price of the Furminator at Amazon has now lowered to just £4.00 for medium tool. Lowest online price.
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  • Help Reduce Unwanted Puppies
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    reduce unwanted puppiesHelp to Reduce Unwanted Puppies – Spay/Neuter your Dog
    A Female dog is Spayed by surgically removing her reproductive organs – the uterus (womb) and ovaries. Spaying is technically known as an “ovariohysterectomy”. Most veterinarians recommend spaying around 6 months of age and before the first heat cycle. Evidence suggests that spaying your pet before her first heat cycle greatly reduces her chances of developing breast cancer and completely eliminates the threat of uterine and ovarian cancer and uterine infection.

    Advantages of Spaying:
    1.Prevent unplanned puppies, and eliminates the medical risks associated with giving birth.You would be helping to alleviate the dog overpopulation problem. Many unwanted dogs are destroyed. The more pets spayed or neutered, the fewer dogs will have to be destroyed.
    2.No more messy heat cycle. During a heat cycle female dogs pass bloody fluid for about ten days, twice a year, constant care must be taken to avoid stains on carpets and furniture in homes. Spaying your dog eliminates this problem.
    3.Reduces the risk of breast cancer. Spaying means removing the uterus and ovaries this therefore means your dog cannot suffer from uterine and ovarian cancers, and a life-threatening uterus infection known as pyometra.
    4.Eliminates the problem of stray males camping in your yard and decreases her desire to roam and breed.

    A Male dog is Neutered by the surgical removal of the testicles. Neutering is technically known as a orchidectomy. Most veterinarians recommend neutering around 6 months of age. Evidence suggests that a dog who has been neutered young is much calmer in the house and outside.

    Advantages of Neutering:

    Reduce Unwanted Puppies

    1.Neutering your male dog involves removal of the testicles, therefore neutering prevents testicular cancer and may prevent prostate problems.
    2.Lowers the risk from perianal cancers and hernias, and prostate cancer.
    3.He will be less aggressive towards other males without the male hormone testosterone.
    4.He will no longer driven to roam in search of a mate, reducing risk of him becoming lost and being involved in a road traffic accident.

    More Info Here