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  • Giant George the Worlds Largest Dog
    By on July 25th, 2011 | No Comments Comments

    Giant George – A Great Dane but not just any old Great Dane he is in fact the Worlds Largest Dog!
    In 2006, Dave and Christie Nasser welcomed a Great Dane puppy into they home. They named him George and he swiftly changed their lives. In February 2010 George was officially crowned tallest dog ever by the Guinness Book of World Records. Standing at almost five feet tall and seven feet long, George has come to dominate his  home. He has grown from a quivering misfit into a goofy giant – eager to play with everyone and boisterous to the point of causing chaos. Yet George is a big softie – a gentle giant frightened of water, of dogs a fraction of his size, and of being left alone. This is the full heart-warming story of Dave and Christie’s life with George – his likes and dislikes, his diet, habits and quirks. It’s also the story of their love for each other, of their struggle to start a family and of how they’ve had to adapt their home to accommodate their extraordinary pet. With appearances on Oprah, and George gaining worldwide attention, it’s now time to tell the full story of what it’s like to be the owners of the biggest dog in the world.

    Released on August 4th 2011 but Available to Pre-Order Now at only £7.01 for the Hardback copy from Amazon, The perfect gift for any dog lover!

  • PUP AID 2011
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    PUP AID 2011 will take place once again at the beautiful setting of Stanmer House near Brighton, Sussex on Sunday 18th September 2011.

    This very special day will once again give you, the dog-loving public, the golden opportunity to help raise awareness about the UK’s cruel puppy farming trade at the UK’s only charity celebrity judged fun dog show and boutique music festival.

    Puppy farming is the mass commercial production of puppies purely for profit and without a thought for the welfare or happiness of the pup, breeding bitch or stud dogs.

    Breeding dogs and pups are usually kept in horrific dark conditions, totally unsocialized and riddled with both infectious and inbred often incurable diseases. These poorly pups are then sold en masse to pet shops, online or from free newspaper ads and usually die soon after reaching their new home.

    If they do make it they usually require thousands of pounds worth of medical, surgical and/or behavioural treatment to fix them causing even more pain, suffering and heartbeak for both pups and families.

    In order to stop puppy farming we must simply stop the demand. By raising awareness through events like PUP AID and promoting rescue dog adoption and responsible breeding practices it has to end eventually.

  • Funny Bulldog
    By on July 13th, 2011 | No Comments Comments

    samba the bulldog

    If you are a friend of our site you will have noticed two bulldog faces that pop up every now and again, these are my own much loved pets and also the inspiration of this website. This bulldog is Samba she is now eight years old, this photo was taken back in the summer of 2008 but it makes me smile every time I see it. I hope it makes you smile too. This has made me appreciate all the photos I have stored on my pc of our Bullies Samba and Mabel and I intend on sharing more in the future!