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  • Lung Worm Warning
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    Lung Worm Warning – The Hidden Killer
    This very British rainy summer this year brings a warning to the health of your dogs. Lung Worm if not treated can be fatal to your dogs. This rainy summer has led to an increase in slugs and snails which are the main carriers of lung worm. If your dog eats either of these slimy creatures your dog could be at risk! Dogs can easily eat slugs and snails even by accident maybe from chewing a toy that has been left outside, eating grass, and chomping on sticks, drinking from puddles etc. Dog Owners Be Aware that lungworm is not prevented or treated by the conventional use of worming tablets when given every three months, or even every month.

    What is lung worm?
    It is a parasite that affects the heart and blood vessels that supply your dogs lungs. If not treated it can be fatal. If not treated your dog will also expel some of the parasite through their poo which in turn could lead to other dogs being infected with lung worm.

    All dogs of different ages and breeds are at risk of becoming infected with lung worm but younger dogs and those known to eat snails and slugs are a t a higher risk.

    Symptoms to look out for:
    Breathing Problems: Coughing, tiring easily.
    Poor Blood clotting: Excessive bleeding from small wounds, nose bleeds, bleeding from the eye, anaemia.
    General Sickness: Poor appetite, weight loss, sickness, diarrhoea.
    Behaviour Changes: Tiring easily, depression, seizures.

    If you think your dog may have lung worm phone your local vet ASAP. Thankfully treatment is easily administered and most dogs can make a full recovery.

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  • Wind Tunnel!!Wind Tunnel!!!
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    Samba The Bulldog Out and About on a Windy Day!