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  • Welcome to the all new looking Dogs.info
    Be a Responsible Dog Owner
    Owning a dog is a serious responsibility, the average dog’s lifespan is between 10-15 years. Costs include: food, veterinary care and insurance along with many others. Dogs need alot of attention and exercise, both will take time from your daily routine. Use the Grey Menu Bar above to search Dogs.info, check out Latest Dogs.info Blog for Updates
    Any responsible dog owner will know that all of the issues of time and money are worth it, as you gain a loyal and loveable member of your family. Search our dogs.info to gain as much dogs information you need.

    Which Pedigree Dog Breed for You?
    All dogs are different, not just from their physical appearance but also from their personalities and temperaments. Use this site to gain knowledge of the dog breeds that are best suited for you and your lifestyle.

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    Common Poisons to Dogs – Every day household plants, food and items can seriously harm your dog. Must read!
    Dogs in Hot Weather – How to spot the signs of over heating in dogs, hot weather can be fatal!

    Dogs.info aims to help you with the most reliable and responsible dog information, all under one friendly and dog loving website. Our dog health care pages are full with very useful dog health information. Whether it is the basics of dog worming or more serious dog health problems you can find it here at dogs.info. Visit our puppy training for useful tips and problem solving for those dog dilemas every dog owner has to face. If you are dog crazy like us here at dogs.info why not browse through our doggy shops, you can find dog books, dog posters, or why not treat you pampered pooch to the latest dog toy!

    Helping to Raise Awarness to Ban Puppy Mills
    Puppy Mills – Understanding the facts

    Dog Breeding requires excellent breed knowledge and outstanding responsibility by reputable breeders. Unfortunetly dog breeding is often exploited as a profit making business with the sad consequence of cruelly treat bitches and puppies who are kept in inhumane conditions. The bitches are expected to breed many litters, once they are no good for breeding they are cruelly destroyed. The litters that are produced are very very unhealthy and will not have a long life at all. These unhealthy puppies are often taken away from there mother far before they should be which means they are denied the vital socialisation they require from their mother and litter mates. Remember when buying a puppy, puppies should still be with their mother and litter mates until at least 8 weeks old.

    Cesar MillanCesar Millan Dog Training Made Fun for your DS
    My Dog Coach: Understand your Dog with Cesar Millan (Nintendo DS)
    Become Cesar Millan’s apprentice and learn how to eliminate dog behaviour problems in 40 different case studies. Takes the role of Cesar’s apprentice and learn dog psychology and rehabilitation using Cesar’s Three Part Fulfilment Formula and techniques. Now Available from our Dog Shop Cesar Millan Category

    • All cases follow Cesar’s fulfilment formula: Exercise, Discipline, Affection.
    • Understand and follow the dog’s “state of mind” visually via body language and “Energy and Submission” meters.
    • 40 different case studies featuring common dog issues of all types.
    • Seven activities in total, in different combinations for specific cases.
    • Cesar is your guide and mentor, offering insights on how dogs behave and react.
    • Many fun ways to learn how to be the best “Pack Leader” in real-life.

    Your Dog Photos
    Your Best Loved Snap Shot of Your Dog could be Featured Here on our Home Page! Email us your Photos Now.

    Samba & Mabel The Bulldogs

    How to Take a Photo of Your Dog

    • Try to avoid using flash when taking the photo if at all possible. This can cause redeye and dark shadows resulting in a poor quality photograph. The best shots are taken outdoors, and in natural light. If it is sunny then it is better to find a shady spot and keep the light source behind you.
    • Have your pet sitting, then get down to their eye level before attempting to take a photo. Have some help from another person to get your dogs attention with a toy or treat, try toget your dog to look slightly upwards and to one side of you.
    • Be patient and make it enjoyable for you and your dog.

    Email your Dog Photos to: dogs.info@yahoo.co.uk