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Chew Training

  • Chew Training
    Many dogs live most of their lives in a crate simply because they “can’t be trusted” in the rest of the house – these dogs are wonderfully housetrained pets, yet their owners never taught them what was OK to chew and what was NOT ok to chew! Don’t forget to thoroughly chew train your puppy as soon as you bring him home, so that he never learns how satisfying the coffee table, mail, and baseboards are to chew!chew training

    One of the most important tasks you have as a new puppy owner is to spend as much time as possible encouraging your puppy to chew and play with appropriate chew toys. It is natural and necessary for puppies to chew – as long as it’s on something appropriate!

    If your puppy chews on your coffee table, it’s because:

    • Puppies/dogs like to chew things
    • You didn’t teach him what was appropriate to chew
    • He has nothing else to do
    • You left him access to the coffee table

    Chew Training – The Basics

    • Don’t scold him for chewing your coffee table unless you catch him “in the act”. A quick shout is usually enough: Say “Rex, OFF! Find your chew toy!” Then go and get a chew toy for him and praise him when he shows even the slightest interest in it.
    • If you punish your puppy “after the act”, he won’t learn not to chew that thing – all he’ll learn is “when the owner comes home, I get punished”. This often increases his anxiety during the day, and he may start to chew even more! So how do you teach your puppy what’s right to chew and what’s wrong? Provide many appropriate chew toys.
    • Don’t give him an old shoe or rag – they teach him that shoes and clothes are OK to chew. Praise, praise, praise each and every time your puppy chews something right. Never take this action for granted.
    • Do consider spraying your baseboards, furniture (chair legs, table legs, etc.) with a bitter-tasting aversive.

    Also, make sure your home is truly Puppy Proofed – clear all tables and counters of ALL items your puppy might want to chew, for at least 2-3 months and preferably until he’s 7-8 months old. If he grows up believing “There’s never anything fun to steal or chew up there”, he’ll stop looking (and vice versa – If he grows up believing “There’s always something fun to steal or chew up there”, you can bet he’ll keep searching the counters and table tops for fun chewables!) What might your puppy want to chew? Remote controls, mail, any paperwork, any food or anything that had contact with food, sewing supplies, yarn, cans, candles, books, etc. – basically, anything at all.


    1. Always praise your puppy when he chews on his own chew toy!
    2. Puppy needs to know what he is doing wrong. Always tell puppy off with a firm voice when he is in the act of chewing something he shouldn’t be.

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